Stuffing Free Dog Toy

Ocala, Florida 1 comment

I purchased the Stuffing Free Dog toy for my 2 year old yorkie, After about 2 hours I saw him coughing, then I noticed that he had bit the squeaker out and was choking on the small piece of plastic.I brought the toy back to the store where I purchased it and was refunded my money.

I thought that maybe this was a damaged toy so I bought yet another one. The same thing happened. I also returned that one.

I am very dissatisfied with this product and could have lost my dog had I not been home with him at the time the incident happened.

I not only think that the toy is dangerous but also think it is over priced.I do like the idea though that it is not stuffed.

Review about: Low Quality Toy.



It's up to YOU to determine which toys your dog can destroy.Your dog chewed through the toy to the center and removed the noise maker.

This is your fault.

And you never should have bought another one after you witnessed your dog eat through the first one.

I have a pit-bull, he can chew through anything, so I don't buy him anything plastic or rubber, etc.He get's rope toys and thick meat-bones.

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